waiting with bated breath… now, who wants the crap prints that I’m stuck with?*

I’ve been so frustrated and annoyed with the printer all week; I bought a ColorMunki along with the printer to calibrate my monitor and create matching profiles for the printer so that what’s on-screen is what the print looks like. It hasn’t worked so well, though I’m quite confident about the colors on my monitor now. I’ve tested a bunch of different images using the ColorMunki profile and cripes are they bad; the colors are just so off, and overall the prints are way too dark and very unsaturated. Since the calibration works by printing out color swatches, scanning them with the calibration device, and then configuring a profile supposedly based on how they match up to the colors on your screen, it just seemed ridiculous.

Sooo I messed around more with the embedded profile tonight, and discovered that the printer installed a bunch of profiles to Photoshop that are based on the papers Epson carries. Wahoo! We have a winner, and its name is VFAP_MK.icc.

Colors are still a little brighter and more vibrant on my screen, but I’m the only one who will be able to tell. I tend to saturate the hell out of my digital stuff anyway…

*Joking, I wouldn’t subject anyone to these. They’ll nobly sacrifice themselves for testing resin coating and being soaked with water. I’m hopeful on both fronts, but am especially keen on the idea of etching on top of really colorful or patterned backgrounds.


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