sleep deprived rambling

I took a stack of unmatted prints and a good selection of jewelry over to Webster’s today. The Bunny Bags and plush were already there, and one bunny found a new home yesterday so that was exciting. :)

Trying to get motivated about photographing work, as my Etsy’s rather bare at the moment. I need to make it more fun, somehow. I enjoy taking photos of just about everything else, so why not the jewelry? I get so overwhelmed.

I think my mono’s been acting up lately, I’ve just been completely exhausted. I don’t have the momentum or stamina to pull all-nighters the way I used to. Y’know. Like a year ago. I hate feeling so unproductive, but I don’t have the energy I need to get a lot done. I think people who aren’t artists might think it isn’t hard work, but it’s strenuous and demanding in totally different ways. Like working on plates– I can only do so much of that before this spot between my shoulder blades starts tingling and sending alternating waves of pain and numbness into my neck and shoulders. Then the headaches start. Anyway…

I’m brainstorming ideas for new plush. Any suggestions for rad, under-represented critters?


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