Etsy finds: Poppies

I’ve been going through a poppy kick lately. I’m working on a design for a woodcut that has poppies, and they were in that watercolor that I’m still toying with, and in that copper plate etching I just did. I like poppies, I think they’re dynamic and work great as a design element. I started noticing them on Etsy, so here we are!

Enjoy! And have a great weekend. I will– tomorrow I’m going to the studio, and when Jarod gets off work we’re driving up to Alfred for Hot Dog Day. Hooray!! I’m so excited; I probably won’t want to come back. :)

Poppies Triptych, woodblock prints by serendipityartist
Pretty Poppy, copper & sterling ring by barrondesignstudio
Red Oriental Poppies II, giclee print by JudyJonesArt
Porcelain Poppy Brooch by ginpins
Red Poppies and Bees, handmade plate by iktomi
Red and Black Lace Poppy, bobby pin by empressbarrettes
Copper Poppy earrings by SimpleLifeDesigns
Les Coquelicots, photo/print by MarcoLaGrenouille
Poppy pendant/brooch by tomlindesign
Here Today Gone Tomorrow, giclee print by printmakerjenn
Poppy earrings by Suesun
Red Poppy, flower headband by lupin
Lynette, original ACEO by carambatack
Red Sparkle Flower, Tsumami Kanzashi hairclips by fujirofae
sous la pluie, print by labokoff
Organic poppy in the birdcage necklace by jewelrybynatsuko

14 thoughts on “Etsy finds: Poppies

  1. Well, that’s annoying.

    I thought I’d try this out with captions and pretty boxes, and what it did was unformat the shop links– I always link to the actual item with the picture, and to each seller’s shop from their name underneath. Poo.

    You can still get to their shop via the item listing. Does it matter to anyone reading, or to the sellers featured? I’d love to hear your thoughts, although I am too tired and annoyed to reformat the whole post right now.

    Thank you to all the artists! You are lovely, just like your work. ♥

    1. You’re welcome! It was so hard choosing just one piece from your shop, there were so many great variations on the poppy motif. Thanks for letting me include you!

  2. I agree with everyone – poppies are a delightful addition to the planet! I love seeing the great variety of mediums and styles in your featured display. Thank you so much for including me!

    As for the pretty boxes, I honestly think they would have taken away from the wonderful artwork. The captions are enough. And, being able to click on the poppy image to go to the seller’s shop is fine. By this time, we all know to click on the picture.

    1. I realize that was a little convoluted– the boxes that they’re in right now, with the captions underneath, are what I meant. Previously I’d just had the title & shop name as plain old text underneath, and when I did that I was able to make the shop name a link to the shop, so that the picture linked to the item and the name linked to the shop. Using the caption feature doesn’t allow me to insert links, but I’m glad to hear that it doesn’t bother anybody!

      I agree, I think the picture is straightforward enough; if you don’t like something, having an additional link to that person’s shop probably won’t make you any more likely to check out their other work. If you do like it and are interested, it’s very easy to see their other work via the links on the item listing.

      Thanks for the feedback, Judy and Natsuko! :D

  3. Leigh Ann, thank you for including me in your pretty poppy themed feature! So many gorgeous interpretations of one of my favorite flowers, I’m thrilled to be included :D

    1. You’re welcome! There were so many lovely things to choose from. Limiting the color scheme to red helped; I’m thinking about doing a whole second installment revolving around blue poppies!

  4. Lovely feature. We’ve planted some poppies that have sprung up this week. The kids are enjoying counting them each day…we are up to 9 blooms.

    1. I checked out your page, love your work! Great colors!

      Ours aren’t blooming yet, but I’m really anticipating it. It’s good to hear of kids being excited about gardening and outdoor stuff! :)

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