For my birthday my lovely boyfriend gave me a Totoro bento. It’s pretty much the best thing ever, and getting to pack it up and take it with me to the studio on Friday made me feel wicked awesome.

Eating it and feeling kawaii was pretty much the only redeeming part of being in the studio. Lately, being artistic is just not going well. I’ve been in the greenhouse almost every day the last two weeks (finally have everything planted, trimmed back, labeled, and as of today, on display carts. Whew!)

I ordered different paper; I usually print my etchings on BFK Rives, and I love everything about it except that it warps so much when it dries. I suppose if I had my own studio, or anything more than one drawer and a shoe-box-sized locker, that I could stretch them on board to dry after printing. I haven’t had much luck with re-wetting and then stretching…

So I ordered Rosaspina. When I was at SGC in Philly one of the vendors had a sample. It’s pretty luscious, and I had high hopes, but my prints look terrible. They are very blotchy, and I’m not sure if it’s the paper (since I also did some on the Rives, and they looked questionable as well), how much I wet it, or if it was a blanket issue. I got pretty miffed about the blankets, because the shop has this gorgeous Takach press (even smoother than AU’s…) and all the blankets look they have been cut in half to double the amount of blankets. There are no big blankets. I’ve been using the baby press because my plates are small, but someone had taken all the blankets off that as well and for the life of me I could not find the ones I’d used before/ones big enough to cover my paper. It was a bad printing day.

But I did get back to work on that dragonfly plate. There are only a few more weeks before finals and studio closing, and I’m realizing that I might not print much so I’m more invigorated to work on plates. I might be able to print over the summer in Alfred, and it will be a lot easier if I have all my plates made.

All I have to do is finish the pattern now!! Yeeeeaaah. After I got the veins done I stripped off the hellish Moishe and put good old Universal on it. Makes all the difference, keeps me sane.

To sum up my evening, spent trying to print things to take to Webster’s, here is a text I sent Jarod:

If it was not big, heavy, and expensive, and if I had windows that were not at ground level, I’d totally threaten to chuck it out the window. But it is smart enough to know I’m bad at cutting paper, so obviously it would recognize it as an empty threat. Damn you, you intelligent mostrosity!!

It’s true. I cut down a 22 x 30 sheet into 10 x 12 sheets, and because of the deckle one was an eighth of an inch shy of 10 inches wide. That SOB would not feed. Also, my colors are way off which is sad since I calibrated it to match the monitor. So… no prints.


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