Last night I proofed all my new plates! And this time I remembered to take pictures. :D

Right after the final etch! Blocked out the pattern and the butterfly with hard ground, which is being removed…

Now! It was especially hard for me to do the pattern this way. The ground looked so splotchy and uneven where I brushed it on, and some of the shapes just didn’t seem right. But once I started dissolving the ground and the darks and lights took on their proper relationship, it looked okay.

And here it is printed!! I was so happy, I did a little dance. The background is darker than I intended, but I think it’s better that way.

And here it is with the cicada and ‘Dance Language’ (the bee). I forgot to take one of just the cicada alone.

I also took the plunge and etched my copper plate. That was exciting! The acid’s blue, and the plate bubbles like nobody’s business.

I mixed sepia and pyrol red to proof it. I like the way the way the wider lines looked more red.

Fuzzy photo. I overwiped some of the lines, and I want to work on her eyes and lips a little more, but overall I am pleased. ♥ It was a good night.

I’m going back in tonight as well– etched another plate (experimental: concocted a lift ground using dish soap. It lifted all right.) but needed to bevel it before printing, and am still working on a few others that need more etching. Dragonfly is on the back burner due to infuriating wings but will reappear soon. Tomorrow Jarod and I are leaving to visit his family for Easter, so I’ll be back next week!


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