SGC report

Hallo! Got back late last night from the Southern Graphics Council conference in Philadelphia.

Loot! Many many catalogs, business cards, and flyers. A humorous t-shirt from some students in the hallway, a free pigment stick, a nice thin wood panel to get back into relief printing, a resingrave block (which lured me with its incredibly sexy, perfectly smooth and silky surface), paper samples, and a hard brayer. Oh and a really nice sturdy tote bag, with a zippered outer pocket. :D I love conventions, they are the best place for tote bags. I have some nice big ones from the greenhouse convention too.

I didn’t take any pictures while we were there. :/  It was kind of crowded and hectic in most places! Google Maps is now officially on my black list for giving us wrong directions into downtown Philly; it worked out alright in the end, we ended up several blocks from the hotel where they had the vendors and registration. Got signed in, scoped out the vendors (so. crowded.), then headed to the Hard Rock for lunch, where we had the most delicious sandwich ever. At least since New Zealand. In NZ practically every place put avocado on their sandwiches, which is a very good and tasty idea. This sandwich had chicken, bacon, avocado, and fixin’s. Scrumptious.

After lunch we waited for the shuttle to Tyler School of Art, made friends with the lady behind us in line, and when the bus finally arrived squeezed an unsafe number aboard.

I was really impressed with Tyler. I heard the building is quite new, and it looked it. Still clean and shiny. The facilities seemed really well equipped and the whole building was filled with light. The demos were a little disappointing, I thought. There seemed to be a lot of “Check out our website, it’s way more in-depth and helpful than this live demo.” We saw the electro-etching demo; missed one on gelatin printing because it was full, and milled around for a while at the digital/stone litho one but gave up as they didn’t seem to really be demonstrating anything. There were some really fantastic prints (student work) hanging up in the hall, I was impressed. Walked around and explored the building. Ran into a friend– A few years ago at one of the Christmas conventions I met a boy who was a few years younger than me and very interested in art. Last fall he started going to Tyler; while we were driving down it occurred to me that I might run into him (Mom thought it too unlikely), and we did! :) So that was nice.

While we were in line waiting for the bus back to the hotel, I spotted the Alfred posse. Will Contino, who was my advisor last year, was there with Joe Scheer (another prof, and I think still the division head) and sixteen students (and had bumped into some alumni too). So we talked for a while, which was really nice but made me very homesick for Alfred.

Back to the hotel, another run through the vendors (hardly anybody there this time! hurrah!), then we left.

Today: tired! I’m getting my stuff together to head to the studio, and for setting up at Webster’s tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “SGC report

    1. They had encaustics on display as well, which I would love to try some time. They were only giving out samples of the paint sticks, and I scribbled with it a little; seemed really nice. Makes me want to get back into painting more. :D

  1. I Encaustics as well, I really wish I had the time/money to get into them. as for painting you should! I really like having the oil sticks because they make doing little paintings really easy, you just have to scribble and you are done. That and they have some really yummy colours.
    Oh also Thank you so much for the postcard web cite and all the other ideas you had on postcards!! once I get every thing organized *hopefully* Ill send you one :)

    1. That would be awesome! I can’t wait to see. I’m really bad about consistently reading blogs, but I looked at yours recently and your paintings looked spiffy. :D

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