:D , to the max

This week has been incredibly hectic but exciting. I worked in the greenhouse a few days last week and Mon & Tues (got lots done), and on Tuesday a giant box showed up for me. What could be in it?!*dance*

Yesterday was spent taking apart my computer setup and moving furniture. I also inherited a gigundic old wooden desk that was bigger than the computer desk I’d been using, as well as two incredibly beautiful (and dirty, therefore unpictured) stained glass hanging lights shaped like lotus blossoms. The lights are incidental. This is what transpired of everything else:


Thank goodness for Dad’s packrat sensibilities. He got the desk from Penn State Salvage last summer but didn’t need it. (Salvage is awesome for finding cheap awesome furniture!) EVERYTHING FITS!! except the subwoofer/volume control for my speakers, which is under the desk now. I turn it on with my toes.

Poor little HP, dwarfed by the beautiful monster. <3

How did this happen? you ask. Well. I’ve been scoping out printers for a while and this is the conversation that Dad and I had last week:

Dad: I want to get back into photography, but go digital. Which Nikon do you have?

*insert camera techno babble*

me: Oh I’m looking at printers right now. There’s this fantastic rebate, and–

Dad: I’ll go in halves with you.

me: O.O

Dad: Sound good?


It’s true, the rebate was terrific (on top of it being the ColorBurst edition, with the RIP included rather than having to order it separately), but I wouldn’t have been able to swing it without him. (Thanks Dad!!) I ordered it through B&H Photo, which is where I got my tablet, scanner, little digi camera, monitor… Probably other things too. Their prices are great and they’re always super nice on the phone. I love them.

I am just so unbelievably pumped!! It is currently covered in a sheet of plastic and a throw pillow; Ivy will sit on anything flat and tall. I also got a ColorMunki to calibrate my monitor, so we’ll see how far off I am now. :) That’s my plan for tonight, to get that done. I’m itching to get the printer running but alas, it must wait. Tomorrow I’ll be in Philly for SGC, Saturday I need to pull some prints in the shop, Sunday I am hanging work in Webster’s on Aaron Drive… Oh! That was my story for today.

I know someone who works there (she’s also worked in the greenhouse) and she said I should talk to her manager about showing, so I called and got the okay to have my work up for the month of April. I said I’d stop by to show her my work, but I never did. All sorts of circumstances– being sick, getting a late start into the shop and not wanting to leave, being in State College but not having samples with me, etc etc basically being kinda irresponsible and scatter-brained. So I went in today, feeling nervous and bad about putting it off so long, concerned about not having enough work framed or making a bad impression– and it was so great! The manager’s name is Gretchen, and she was super nice and so enthusiastic about my prints. Her whole attitude made me feel so much more excited and confident about my work.* And I definitely have enough work. So it was a good day! :)

I’ll be hanging everything Sunday afternoon (thanks in advance, Jarod!), and it will be on display through April into May, I think the first week but am too lazy to check my planner. Possibly longer, that’ll depend on the artist displaying after me. He may have a conflict. If that happens I’ll be there through May and will be swapping things out with the prints I’ll be pulling this weekend and in the following weeks. (Dry faster, ink!)

So yes! If you’re local and interested in checking it out, it’s the Webster’s Cafe on Aaron Drive (not the one downtown on Allen Street). Turn off Atherton onto Aaron, keep going past the water towers, and there will be two buildings on the left with green roofs; Webster’s is in the one to the right (as you face it). There are a few other businesses there; probably the most prominent sign is for Wiscoy. (Don’t bother checking Google Maps– it lies.)

In other news I missed one craft show deadline this week and was rejected by another. I’m choosing to look on the bright side: I can go to the shows as a customer and scope them out and try again next year, and I can focus more on listing jewelry items as I make them instead of making SO MANY for the show and being overwhelmed afterwards. Like I am now. And I’ll be working on getting prints ready for sale on Etsy. I’m unsure how to best ship them (hate tubes) and may have to do some purchasing. Y’know. As research. :)

*I definitely thrive on praise. That doesn’t mean I can’t take criticism– I need that to improve, too. But it’s helpful in another way to receive such positive feedback. When someone just says, “Oh. Yeah, nice.” it is totally different than “Oh my!! I just love this! That pattern is incredible!” Or when I get both of those reactions about different work from the same person: it gives me an idea of what’s speaking to people, and that’s an understanding that I usually can’t have myself because I am biased and already tied up in the work. Another person’s reaction is fresh, invigorating. Enthusiasm is uplifting. It makes me want to make more things, or at least share what I’m making with others (since I’ll always be making things for myself).


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