Productive, yet unphotographed

I always take my camera with me to the studio, but I kind of forgot to take pictures this weekend. :  Here! I did try that thing with the contact paper:

star cat

You can use contact paper on the back of your plate to keep it from etching, so I thought it might work to use it as a mask. It worked pretty well! I did two plates: this one, where I covered the whole front of the plate in contact paper and then cut out the kitty and stars so that they would etch, and a second one where I cut out the kitty and then applied it to the plate (so that the background would etch, leaving a white kitty. reverse of the other plate, basically). This one worked, the other not so much because some acid crept in under the edges. I think it was because I added it on and the edges weren’t as firm. I could see the peeling off being a probability if I was doing multiple etches, or handling the plate a lot. My next experiment will be applying a shape with contact paper, and then painting over it with hard ground and hopefully then peeling off the contact paper to leave an exposed area with nice clean outlines, but with the benefits of hard ground as a mask. ie no edges for acid to go under…

On Friday I planned to print, but wasn’t in the mood so I just kept working on my plates. I did pull a few prints on Saturday, but it was pretty slow since it’s been about ten months since I last pulled a print. yeek. The cicada looks nice, and the star kitty printed pretty nicely. You will have to take my word for it, since I have no evidence to share with you.

In Alfred we had wooden blocks with pieces of old felt attached which we could then wrap with newsprint/phonebook pages and rub across the inked plate to reduce the surface tone. Couldn’t find anything like that, so I had to rub the paper with my hand and it took much longer. I need me a wood block, man.

Oh. And…


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