Etsy finds: Owls

I come from a long line of collectors. One one side of the family it’s model tractors (Grandpa was a produce farmer) and carnival glass, on the other side my grandma has a wicked set of Dickens Village-esque little houses and scenes that get set out every Christmas. Gram also has a house decorated entirely in orange and brown, but that’s another story.

My parents were antique dealers specializing in Christmas and Halloween ornaments; Mom is even writing a book about glass Santas, which I photographed. Dad has mountains of books and arrowheads. I picked up on the Christmas and started collecting art glass animal ornaments.

But my other love… is owls. (Sorry for the horrendously long wait! I’ve been in the greenhouse tons lately.)

Snowy Owl by acerriteno

Snowy Owl  by acerriteno

Don Matias by geninne

Don Matias   by Geninne

Love Is In The Air by kateendle

Love is in the Air  by kateendle

Time for tea  by tabidesigns

Owl  by dkngstudios

Owl  by dkngstudios

Wise Old Birds  by corid

Wise Old Birds  by corid

Owl, Mushroom, Fern  by unitedthread

Owl, Mushroom, Fern  by unitedthread

Four Owl Collection  by MATTY8080

Four Owl Collection  by  MATTY8080

Braving Danger And Darkness To Eat, But I Wouldn't Call Myself A   Foodie  by mincingmockingbird

Braving Danger And Darkness To Eat, But I Wouldn’t Call Myself A Foodie  by mincingmockingbird

Owl Print Set  by kateendle

Owl Print Set  by kateendle

O  by darceyyoung

O  by darceyyoung

The Enamored Owl  by acerriteno

The Enamored Owl  by acerriteno

Who Me  by christydekoning

Who Me  by christydekoning

Starry Owl II  by boygirlparty

Starry Owl II  by boygirlparty

After a While, Everything Starts to Taste Like Mouse  by  mincingmockingbird

After a While, Everything Starts to Taste Like Mouse  by mincingmockingbird

Northern Saw Whet Owl  by fustian

Northern Saw Whet Owl  by fustian


4 thoughts on “Etsy finds: Owls

    1. Absolutely! Thank YOU.

      I tried to get a good mix between realistic and more stylized owls. I feel like owls are one of those magical creatures that can be portrayed in so many ways, in so many media, and still be distinctly recognizable. (Not to mention adorable…)

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