Busy last night, wrecked today

Way back in Sophomore Painting we were given these brush cleaning jars; you fill them with thinner, and there is a metal coil inside that you can scrub your brushes against to clean them. The coil is raised so that the sediment and gunk sinks to the bottom, which means you can use the same thinner for much longer. I still had mine and thought it would be very useful for cleaning hard ground out of my brushes. (I was right.)

Also had the idea to use one of my dip pens to scratch off the hard ground– usually I use an embroidery needle, which I’ve never successfully attached to any sort of handle, and I always worry that the resulting death grip will probably lead to carpal tunnel. The pen is a major improvement.

Shiny shiny copper plate… I’m still getting used to it. The line quality is totally different. Well. My whole process is different. I can’t scratch back and forth like on steel– just upwards or downwards. Why? Because if I reverse direction in the same stroke it emits a noise much like nails on blackboard.

Pencil sketch. I have no idea where this idea came from! But I was very tempted to make one of the balloons look like Luna P.


2 thoughts on “Busy last night, wrecked today

  1. Yes make one look like LUNA!!! my first thought when I saw that piece was that it looked like Luna and Artemus, I miss sailor moon

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