Tuesday already?? (Wednesday, as it’s 1 am)

I’m at one of those funny points where I have a lot of ideas whirling around in my head, and not always the time or place to do them, not to mention I have to figure out the proper media for the idea. I finally have print shop access, which I wanted for the presses and the acid bath, and now I have all these ideas that feel more suited to paintings, or silkscreens. Or digital prints.

I’m still plugging away at my bug etchings and trying not to get too fed up with them. I haven’t proofed the cicada yet. This weekend I worked on the dragonfly (still going slowly, thanks to the wing veins. Cripes, the wing veins…) and the butterfly, which I am crossing my fingers for. I have sworn undying hatred for the Moishe hard ground. UNDYING. You’ve no idea. It’s just so gummy; I was working on the butterfly wings and removed most of it with thinner and scraped the rest away in the fine areas, and the parts that I scraped didn’t etch, even though they were as clean as I could get them without mangling the edges with more thinner. All I have left is the patterned portion in the background, but I just can’t bring myself to commit the time if it’s going to do the same thing– not etch cleanly. So I’m going to strip the remaining ground off and proof that as well. If I’m not happy with the wings (which looks likely) I’ll start over. I did get my Universal hard ground in the mail, which was greeted with a jig and a little song and some more jigging. (It looks like honey when it dries and not tar, smooth satiny golden honey~! ♥)


In the meantime I’m trying to push myself to try more spontaneous methods, since I tend to plan my projects so rigorously. I’m going to try a piece where I cut shapes out of contact paper, instead of using ground; the same piece would focus on clean shapes and fewer outlines– so much of my work is reliant on linework and fine detail, and it could be exciting to mix it up.

I did do this:

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