new banners

Hallo. My Etsy banner was really bothering me so I made a new one, and then I liked it so much I changed this one to match. After I made them I realized that it’s the year of the tiger, so um. Yay coincidence! The tiger’s name is Millie, short for Amelia.

millie the tightrope tiger, striped acrobatic wonder of the circus

Quick-ish sketch with pen, colored pencil, and white charcoal pencil. It is in my recycledy kraft-colored sketchbook, which I lurve.

Millie is an acrobat, tightrope walker and trapeze artiste. Her twin brother Tyson (who has blue stripes)  is a rodeo tiger, master of lasso tricks and has a heart as golden as his sheriff’s badge. (It isn’t a cheap brass prop, it’s real gold-plated and belonged to their granddaddy.)


8 thoughts on “new banners

  1. Wait, what bearded lady? OMG Leigh Ann I want to be in the circus too! You need a strong man right? Or maybe a turtle strongman? *grins creepily*

      1. Awwww. A turtle ringmaster, then? Oooh, or a turtle fire-breather!!!! That would be super adorable! Can’t you just see him with his little mouth in an ‘O’ shape as he shoots a huge plume of flame? And his shiny little eyes gleaming with pyromaniacal delight?

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