monitor hell

Dear diary,

Aaargh!! My eyes!!

Today I messed up my monitor settings and spent an ungodly amount of time trying to make things look right again. Things look better now but a bit more bright and saturated than normal (which I actually like).

So I have a question for you, and if you answer I will love you forever: Everybody’s monitor settings are different, but when you visit my blog or my Etsy shop, do my pictures look ‘right’ to you, as compared to how other people’s images typically look? I’m especially concerned with brightness and contrast. I use Levels in Photoshop to correct the lights and darks in a lot of my photos, and I’m always –but especially now– worried about the darks being too dark on computers other than my own. Do my photos look too dark or contrasty to you? Or do they look normal and realistic?


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