Another night spent yearning after ball-jointed dolls. I really want one to use as a drawing reference– some of them are amazingly realistic in their poses, and they’re way more convenient than finding naked people.

For under thirty dollars I could buy a basic 12″ tall body and maybe an extra head to paint make-up on (because I want to). Not a bad investment for the amount I’d use it. My problem is that I’m a sucker for those promo shots of gorgeously made up fancy brand dolls. I’ve done this more times than I can count. I have a massive folder stuffed with images, clearly labeled with model and brand so that if I ever have several hundred dollars that I don’t need to spend on something practical, I can find the perfect one.* I also downloaded a very detailed set of instructions on how to make one.  Also, some of the really gorgeous ones are two feet tall, and I don’t know what I’d do with something that huge. Ivy’d probably try to make friends with it and then where would I be.

*lies. I’d never be able to rationalize it. But looking is free!

For the meantime I am thinking of just buying a blank cheap one. I am an artist, I can make it shiny and pretty myself!

Seriously!!!!! Look at his little knees! And his cheeks. I may start foaming at the mouth. Not what I’m looking for as a reference (unless I planned to draw pixies), but that level of pose-ability is crazy. Crazy, man!!! (Also: under 4″ tall, $300. Crazy!!)


10 thoughts on “hrrrngh….

  1. Leigh Ann, I would totally make a doll thingy for you. I’m going to be making action figures at some point hopefully, so this could be good practice. In the mean time, you’ll have to make due with all the naked pictures I’ll be sending you.

    p.s. That doll is nightmare fuel.

      1. Oh. Well this is awkward, I totally already sent them. I mean, I had no reason to believe that anyone wouldn’t want naked pictures of me. Can you still sent me the schematics for those dolls, though?

            1. Oh, right. It was a few years ago in NZ and may or may not still be buried on my laptop somewhere. I suggest a Google search for “how to make a BJD” in the meantime!

  2. Ooh, cool. Leigh Ann, I may or may not make another present for you. Be forewarned that nothing “pretty” can come from the mind of Reed Lockwood, however.

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