NLT*: fox.

*I had this written and thought I published it on Friday!  :O   oops.

In progress, possibly as a study for a larger painting.  (This is 3.5 x 7 inches, I like working small!)

The texture of the paper looks especially pronounced since I scanned it. :/ Better photos another day! When I’m doing washes nothing beats rough press paper, but I’m always bothered by the texture showing up on faces (especially since I draw so small, it’s more pronounced). And I dislike hot press. Perhaps I’ll copy it onto an Aquabord and try that.

I painted the poppies after I scanned it; will be playing with patterns on her… garment, whatever it is. Kimono? I like kimonos.  That pale blue on her shoulder is a mix of interference and duochrome blue. Her headband has copper. Iridescent paints make me giddy. Like a kindergartner with glitter. ♥


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