Etsy finds: Birds!

I really love birds. When Ivy and I were still living in Alfred in our lovely apartment I put out a feeder on my fire escape and we’d sit and watch them. I love the way they move– kind of bobbly and jerky, but still graceful. Mesmerizing. I took hundreds of photos then, and when Mom and I were in New Zealand this fall I took hundreds more of birds at Wellington Zoo, Karori Sanctuary and Staglands Reserve. And miscellaneous sparrows across the country; those cheeky buggers are my favorites!

When I was there studying I took a Maori art class, and for one project, coinciding with carving techniques, we had to represent our idea of what our personal kaitiakitanga, or guardian, would be. I made a clay bowl with a stylized wing partially covering the top. I felt like sparrows were my kaitiaki; I was really depressed and homesick, and every day walking to uni I’d see this flock of house sparrows (just like we have at home in the greenhouse) and they always cheered me up. One time at the greenhouse a fledgling sparrow fluttered into the break room and collapsed into my lunch box; I carried him around on my shoulder until he was able to fly away.

Coldgull pin by annarubyking

Coldgull pin  by annarubyking

Elusive Catch  by apak

Elusive Catch  by apak

Blue Birdie by britsketch

Blue Birdie  by britsketch

Blue Bird Felted Wool Coffee Cozy  by FruitOfMyHands

Blue Bird Felted Wool Coffee Cozy  by FruitOfMyHands

High Tea by PragyaK

High Tea  by PragyaK

Tree Swallow and Teapot  by alfredstark

Bird Cake embroidered tea cozy  by tabidesigns

Bird Cake embroidered tea cozy  by tabidesigns

Bird Card by mirkah

Bird Card  by mirkah

White Bird  by Geninne

White Bird  by Geninne

zebra finch  by beethings

Zebra Finch  by beethings

Chance Encounter by apak

Chance Encounter  by apak

Bird Collage- Finch and Wallpaper ACEO 03  by OhMyAmpersand

Bird Collage- Finch and Wallpaper ACEO 03  by OhMyAmpersand

The Key cut paper pendant  by ruralpearl

The Key (Miniature Cut Paper Art Print Pendant)  by ruralpearl

Blue Icicles  by yumiyumi

Blue Icicles  by yumiyumi

Whales and Puffins  by studiotuesday

Whales and Puffins  by studiotuesday

Keepsake Box  by LoucheLab

Keepsake box  by LoucheLab

Sparrow Haiga  by MarkMason

Sparrow Haiga Woodblock Print  by MarkMason. Mark directed me to his blog & another great sparrow print that he just finished, which you can find here!

Fig 167 Lesser Redpoll  by toosmalltocount

Fig 167 Lesser Redpoll button  by toosmalltocount

Mockingbird  by missbrigette

Mockingbird  by missbrigette

Coldgull pin  by annarubyking

Coldgull pin  by annarubyking

Avian Royalty  by Peapodtreasures

Avian Royalty  by Peapodtreasures

Recycled Jewelry Shabby Chic Earrings from Upcycled Vintage Tin  by wearwolf

Recycled Jewelry Shabby Chic Earrings  by wearwolf

Lavender Birds coffee mug by LoucheLab

Lavender Birds coffee mug by LoucheLab

Mina  by jenskelley

Mina  by jenskelley

RoyalTea (pink&purple) pendant  by hippiechicboutique

RoyalTea pendant by hippiechicboutique

And I’d like to give a nod to The Mincing Mockingbird, king of bird paintings. I couldn’t choose just one or two, and I was already up to 25 pieces. :)

14 thoughts on “Etsy finds: Birds!

  1. NOOOO!!! Leigh Ann, they stole your “bird saying empty bubble” idea. Don’t worry, I’ve assigned my top men to correct this problem. Top men.

    Top men.

    TOP MEN.

    1. I didn’t invent the word bubble + bird combo, but thank you for your protectiveness. :D I was going to write an entry devoted to animals quoting word bubbles. And then I forgot. Task for this week!

      1. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to call back my top men. Which is too bad, because all they do is sit around taking up space and playing card games on the Ark of the Covenant.

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