Hey, remember that time I was sick?? I remember it likes it’s been the majority of the last few years. Damn you, art school! And my inability to not work myself to death! And mono! *shakes fist*

Today was an interesting exercise in not speaking at all. My throat is so sore; talking just makes me cough, and coughing is painful, and my voice sounds super scary so I’m just avoiding speech altogether. I had a chiropractor appointment this morning and went grocery shopping (for to make delicious curry chicken & coconut soup) and stopped at Joann Fabrics for more eyes and satiny fabrics to make Bunny Bags. Then I went to the greenhouse (my cuttings arrived yesterday and need to be stuck). I wonder if anybody thought I’d given up talking for Lent?! I wonder if anyone’s ever done that? That would be difficult. Even for me, and I’m pretty quiet.

So yeah, the plants are in. They are gorgeous, as usual, but I am disappointed because there are a lot of cool things missing. I can only assume that there were availability issues; a few things aren’t popular by any means, so I’ve no idea why they didn’t come. Bummer. And a few things are more understandable– I order lemon verbena every year and never get it.

What this means is that I’ll be down in the greenhouse until the cuttings are all stuck. I’m working on a few more themed Etsy Finds features: Birds, Poppies, and Owls. The Bird one should be up next, once I make all my choices and hear back from all the lovely artists. I’m noticing a very heavy emphasis on prints.  -_-  Bias.


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