…the Bunny Bag!!

*insert squealing here*

properly appliqued face!

perfectly at home on the coat rack

mirror shot. so you know how big it is!

Oh em gee. I am so happy, you have no idea!! I totally didn’t work on my plates at all tonight either. But it was so worth it.

I used a lot of odds-and-ends fabric left over from other projects. Fleece is so forgiving, I’m in love. I discovered how to applique on my sewing machine, which I will now probably use on everything. I lined it with some ridiculous pink flowered satin. It even has a little pocket inside, made from the same flannel as the face. (Pocket!!!) Oh! And there is a ruffle made from the flannel, up on the shoulder.  ♥

I still have a few kinks to work out, such as how I attach the lining. I don’t want it to puff out of the opening so much, and I don’t want to topstitch it, but I want the lining to be loose on the inside so that you can shake out the muffin crumbs and pencil shavings and all that. And I want to try appliqueing the smile, so that it’s a little bolder. My hand embroidery is pretty shabby; my best stitch is chain stitch (which is what I used here– just did it on the wrong side of the fabric so that it would look like a solid line).



5 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. OOOOh! You should take a picture of you taking a brain out of the bag! Or I know, sew a fuzzy brain into the bag, maybe as kind of a organizing dealy. And the brain could have words on it that the bunny was thinking.

    1. For you, Reed, I would. I thought about making a little change purse to go with it, a brain would be a neat idea. It could be one of those pie chart type brains. What would the bunny think of?

      1. 62% making baby bunnies
        24% carrot cake (bunnies actually desire carrot cake above all other foods, but as they have not yet tamed fire, they must make due with carrots)
        13% Oh my god everybody run predator! Wait, false alarm.
        1% Determining the authenticity of medieval Scandinavian woodcarvings.

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