How to ruin your best sewing scissors:

Step 1~ Sharpen your other scissors, the ones you only use on paper, with a scissor sharpener contraption. Which upon further research, turns out to actually be a knife sharpener. Hmm.

Step 2~ Be amazed at their paper cutting abilities, since anything is an improvement on “can’t cut at all”.

Step 3~ Think to yourself, Huh, my fabric scissors haven’t been the same since that time I tried to cut through a straight pin that was lurking inside the fabric, perhaps this will help!

Step 4~ Sharpen.

Step 5~ Be amazed at how your scissors no longer cut fabric at all. But hey, at least they’re wicked on paper now. Oh wait, no, they’re not, they mangle the paper too.

I am so sad. I have had these scissors for something like five years. Now I am looking at scissor sharpeners.


4 thoughts on “dammit

    1. My mother got it for Christmas, and I honestly remembered it being a knife/scissor combo sharpener. I don’t even know where I came up with that. -_-

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