Etsy finds: Bats!

Personally, I find bats charming and adorable (fruit bats more so). My grandmother is terrified of them (courtesy of a superstitious Irish auntie who told her that bats get tangled in your hair and then beat you to death with their wings), and once nearly flipped a boat in Penns Cave after her partner Bob fluttered his hand on her hair in the dark.

Wellington Zoo has an awesome enclosure of little flying foxes. I caught them at feeding time once, it was so cool to see them upside down, scuffling and arguing over bits of fruit. I even made a print about bats that ended up in my Senior Show, but I’m not showing you because I’m still not happy with how it turned out. I plan on revisiting the bats; when I do, you’ll be the first to see (well, maybe second). In the meantime, here are other people’s bats to delight and amuse you!

Tammy Batz and Boo Batz   by CallacoCorner

One, Two,Three, Three figs. AH AH AH AH AH!  by Shannon McLaughlin aka youwannatalkjive

Batty softie pattern   by cynicthelamb

Knitting Nerd   by laurengregg

Love Bat for Valentines Day   by YankedLilac

Lord Hairless Cat and His Pet Bat   by natamon

Valentine Bat Steampunk Gear Cufflinks   by BrassIvyDesign

Brown Bat by berkleyillustration

Silver Bat in the Belfry Ring   by ANORIGINALJEWELRY

Dexter   by sugarposse

Bat Love pin and sticker set   by blackforestcake


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