Last night my sweet boyfriend came to visit me while I was sick. He brought me a half-gallon of milk and a bag of buffalo pretzel bits, which might officially be the strangest combination of foods I’ve been given to combat illness. Usually it’s cranberry ginger ale and Saltines… I did ask for the milk, though.

After he left I was on my way downstairs, took the shortcut through the studio, and got distracted.

It’s too bad computer screens can’t display shimmer; I didn’t use any iridescent paints in this, but the contrast between the white patches and the texture of the paper makes all those little areas look shiny in real life. It was amusing/nostalgic as well because I painted on one of my last untouched pieces of watercolor paper left from the ill-fated Painting class I took while studying abroad in Wellington. I tried so hard…  But ah. That is a story for another day. More like a rant, really!

{Watercolor on 3×7″ piece of 300-lb watercolor paper}

I am feeling much better today, and energized for art making!


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