And by ‘sick’ I do not mean ‘totally radbadassawesome’, I mean I woke up early this morning to the sensation that my brains were about to slide out my nose. I stuffed a tissue up the nostril in question and went back to sleep.

I’ve been dragging about all day. Ivy is especially playful tonight, and she does not like games where Leigh Ann sits in one spot and twitches about interesting strings and FloppyCat. (FloppyCat and JingleMouse are her most favoritest toys, next to Purple Ribbon. It used to be Reed’s Boot Laces but she’s long since destroyed them.) No, she won’t settle for anything less than ‘Chase Ivy Around the Entire House at a Breakneck Speed’, and I just don’t have the energy. Poor Ivy!

I am going to start talking about things other than myself, and I’m starting a series called ‘Etsy finds’, where I feature some really awesome stuff by other artists. I am all about themes, so prepare yourself. I spent a chunk of this afternoon in a half-stupor, browsing Etsy for things that fit my four very unrelated criteria. I’m just waiting to hear back from all the sellers I contacted for approval, and then we will have eyecandy!


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