packing up

I really love prepping orders for shipment. I guess it’s my final farewell to whatever is about to head out into the world, as well as my way of letting the customer know that I appreciate the business and think they deserve something special, packing-wise.

I have a little stack of cards cut out and ready to go. Every pair of earrings gets a pair of hypoallergenic rubber backs, partly because you can never have too many earring backs and partly because I’ve had a hard time getting other backs (metal ones, different rubber styles) to fit these posts, so why make people struggle with them?

Cutting out a piece of lace pattern to go on the box lid.

Now all we need is some ribbon!

I include a business card and a little hand-written thank-you note in every package. I like writing the notes, they make me feel less guilty about my hoard of ridiculously adorable Japanese stationary!

Next I wrap everything in bubble wrap. At this point it is unbearably lumpy and hideous, so….

I divert the viewer’s attention with snazzy tissue paper!! I LOVE this paper. I got it last year, when I first started making the hearts; now I can’t remember where I found it.
Bummer. At least I planned ahead and bought two packages.

After that it gets popped into a bubble mailer and I take it to the post office to send it out into the world, hopefully to a loving new home. ♥


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