new listings!

I took a bunch of photos tonight and am working on getting candy heart not-earrings listed, as well as what watch part rings and earrings I have left. So many damn candy hearts, seriously… I love them but wish they’d photograph themselves.

I often daydream about becoming a Featured Seller, and tonight I was thinking about how to answer the question “What new features would you like to see?”

  • To have item views and hearts listed on the ‘Currently for Sale’ page, which lists all the information about when an item was listed, how many are in stock, if it’s featured on your front page, etc. Useful stuff; I think it would be nice to have the hearts and views listed there too so that sellers could more easily keep track of trends in-shop.
  • An option to list shop items by popularity (either hearts or views, or some average of both), in addition to price and list date.
  • More flexibility in the listing process, perhaps the ability to complete the steps in a different order. I’d love to choose my pictures first so that I had something to refer to when writing descriptions, instead of having to bounce back and forth between Photoshop and Etsy.
  • Also for listing, a list of previously used tags and materials to choose from (this is something that I really like about WordPress!).
  • Everybody and their auntie would like a way to archive and sort Convos….. and I agree. :D

Good night all. Tomorrow I will tell you all about the unbelievably delicious salad I made for dinner tonight!!


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