gearing up for Valentine’s Day

I bought a few bags of candy hearts, in preparation for another massive slew of earring-making. And it will be massive. Last year’s candy hearts were mostly illegible rejects, and the few that were left reflected such a broad range of phrases that matching them was difficult. This year’s candy hearts are way better: the writing was legible on at least three quarters, but it seemed that a bunch got sent through the machine wrong, and the printing wound up on the backs! There is definitely a right side and wrong side. But in any case, I have a pound of matched pairs suitable for earrings, and another half pound of oddballs that could be pendants or rings. And I have no idea where to start. There are 63 different phrases in the earrings alone! Around 200 pairs! :o

To evade the problem I stayed up and made a bunny plush.

I suppose I could just set up pick-and-choose type listings? Picture all the available pairs of a specific phrase and make them to order? They take three days to make because the resin needs to set…


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