We visited family in NJ this week, and while we were at my paternal grandparents’ my grandmother started going through old photos. She gave me some, claiming that she hates photos and wishes people would stop giving them to her. (Five minutes later: bitterly complaining how Great-Aunt Hazel always got an 8×10 of my school photo while she only got a 5×7!) I told her that if she gets it in her head to throw them away she should send them to me. It distresses me to think of losing all that family history.

Anyhow. These are of my grandpa in the fields with Mom’s cat Coco. I got very excited because I thought it was my Merri Kitty, who had the same coloring. Mom says the photos are too old to be her, and that her coat had a lot more brown in it (which is true).


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