Space. (or, My Bedroom: the Final Frontier)

Ahhhh. I spent tonight unplugging everything from my computer, dusting, and rearranging everything. I feel like my surroundings play a big part in my mental state and work process, and when I’m feeling depressed or unproductive it usually means it’s time to clean or move some furniture around. My desk was getting super cluttered; it’s now pristine and my scanner is way more accessible, so I’m much more excited about working at the computer. I kind of want to move everything in my room now, but I’ll tackle that another day. It’s occurred to me more than once lately what a homebody I am: if I’m feeling down, cooking and cleaning are the two things guaranteed to make me feel good again.

Now I just need to clear enough stuff off my bed to sleep…

[PS. Happy New Year!]


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