Paradise, PA

…Home of the National Christmas Center!

Eeee! Art glass. I’ll talk about it in depth at a later date. ♥

I actually wrote an essay on bubble lights once, for one of my art history classes. (I have this same set, too! It’s a repro set by Christopher Radko. Of all the new bubble lights I’ve seen, it has the best colors. You can get really simple ones in stores like Lowes, usually with a clear plastic shell & liquid and a colored light bulb. They make awesome night lights.) {[see also: Bubble Light Identification]}

The most extensive exhibit in the museum, and I think the neatest, is Tudor Towne. It’s a walk-through diorama that follows a children’s story about a town of animals waiting for Santa to come. The lighting is perfect for being there but horrid for taking good photos, so all you get is frogs. Go see the rest in person! Did I mention they’re animatronic animals?

One of the museum’s recent acquisitions was a complete set of nearly-life-size nativity figures. Even if you’re not into nativity scenes or creches (but if you are, they have a great collection from around the world), the workmanship is amazing. They make me want to get into wood carving.

I didn’t get a group shot this time (couple with small irritable child looking at it at the same time), but I do have one from a few years ago at the Golden Glow Christmas convention. Mum is friends with Jim Morrison, the genius behind the Christmas Center, which is neither here nor there but Jim had just been given the set (donated by Target) and it debuted at the convention. It’s late, I ramble. I might mention him later, now you have background.

Well. Almost the whole group, anyway; a few to the right got chopped off. I think there’s another angel, and a boy leading a camel. And the man with the camel. They look so nice now in the museum with the dramatic lighting, but I’m glad I got to see them up close and in normal light. Like I said, the craftsmanship is just heavenly. (No pun intended.)


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