…I now officially have more of them than I need. Rechargeable ones, specifically.

Before we went to New Zealand I bought an Energizer NiMH battery charger, which came with four rechargeable batteries, and then to be on the safe side I bought an extra set of four. This way, I concluded, my camera would never have an opportunity to go dead, and I would take many many pictures.

So the first week we were there, I blew up the battery charger.*

Everything else that I had with me had a built-in transformer to deal with the higher voltage… except that damn charger. I figured I might as well get one there, since I already had all the batteries and my camera destroys regular AA’s in no time flat, so that came with four more batteries. The NZ plug won’t work here, so I got another yesterday….. with four more batteries. I will never be able to claim lack of batteries ever again.

*This was one incident in a Series of Unfortunate… Happenings. I got food poisoning three times (which brings my lifetime total to 3), fried the charger, lost a credit card, had my only heavy jacket shrink in the wash (sad, because it was new and NZ was unseasonably cold), was viciously attacked by a seemingly friendly cat, and lost my favorite ring.   o_o,

Funnily enough, I lost the credit card when I bought the new charger. I called the store (Noel Leeming, aww!), luckily they had found it and tucked it in the till for me. I lost my Claddagh ring the last day we were there, and that was beyond lousy. We’d just had dinner; our waitress was either very new or very inept and a different waitress had to keep checking on us, and they forgot our order. Imagining the silly tart finding my ring in the napkin or something was the last straw, so I tried to convince myself that I’d lost it in the ocean. After we got home and were unpacking, I unfurled my towel and the ring flew across the room. It was the best thing ever.


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