Poll: Down to business!

Opinion time! I mentioned earlier that I get multiple business card designs printed in small quantities. At the show I was mixing my old and new designs, and there are some that I really like… and some that just don’t feel as strong or interesting. I’d love it if you ladies and gents could tell me what you think!

The only one that I haven’t had printed is the one with the candy hearts, up in the upper right corner (C1). I forgot it, the last time I ordered. The pink vertical one is the only vertically oriented card I have, so just call it “the vertical one” or “that awesome pink one with the French poem about sheep.” On the very bottom: the one to the left, with the image of the jackalope and no text (B7), was the front, and the one to the right (C7) was the back. I wanted to try out their double-sided printing. :)

I would be very much obliged if you could tell me which ones you like most, as well as least, and why. If you need structure, please list at least three of each (but feel free to critique each if you like! I’m feeling a bit nostalgic for crits lately, a feeling I doubt would last if I actually had any.).

I’ll hold my own thoughts until I get a few responses, and then I’ll tell you which ones I’m not as fond of and which I feel need some changes. I’m also debating having one set to send with Etsy orders, which would be identical to these or have Junipurr instead of my real name, and another for shows, because some people over the weekend seemed bemused about the lack of real-world contact info. (“But where are you from, honey?”) I had to scribble my phone number on the backs of some cards.

Thanks much!


2 thoughts on “Poll: Down to business!

  1. Like:
    B1 – ducks, yay
    C2 – from your artist statement? I always liked this one.
    A5 – Eyecatching, but see my criticism below
    The Vertical One – You don’t see vertical stuff very often. What does the text say?

    Criticism (hopefully helpful): On a lot of them the contact info gets lost in the background designs.

    1. Thank you, that was very helpful. That’s the problem that I have with most of them– the information blending in too much. I’m pretty fond of C2, but it looks a bit dull in person so I might make the colors a bit more saturated before I have it done next time. And yes it was from my artist statement. :D

      The vertical one’s text is from the poem ‘Marie’ by Guillaume Apollinaire; the first line means “the sheep go into the snow” and then the second is very clever and complex because flocon can mean snowflake or fleece, and the rest is “of wool and some of silver”. So I guess the snowflakes are woolly, or the fleece are silvery like snow, or some combination thereof. I liked the imagery.

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