Craft show pics

Mom brought me that donut at 9 am and I finally got to eat it when I left at 5:30! I was sooooo hungry. My wonderful boyfriend made me buffalo chicken casserole for dinner, and it was excellent.

After I sold enough to move things around and empty two of the tile racks, I spelled out “Merry Christmas” with burgundy tiles. Also, little kids kept moving the tiles around and one spelled his name. It was really funny. I’m super glad nobody wrote anything obscene.

I didn’t take as many good pictures as I thought I did! I have others but they came out blurry. :(  It was really hard for me to take any during the day; at one point there was a lull and I sidled out to take some, and when I turned around four people had snuck in behind me and I couldn’t get back in! I lurked around the edge between my booth and Mom’s (we were lucky enough to get spots next to each other) for quite some time, waiting for them to shift enough that I could get back to my chair.

I’m already planning a new booth layout, haha. My tables were two feet wide, which left six feet between them, and when it got busy the booth was packed tighter than a tin of packed things. I had left myself a tiny little corner in the back, and my back hurt so much from bending backwards over my chair. >.<  Luckily I was able to condense that table after Saturday so I had more room to sit/stand/work on Sunday.

I’m brainstorming ways to have my display cover more wall space so that I can cut down the tables to something very slim, just enough enough to hold my bust-type display pieces and things like the tins. That way my walls will look more interesting, and I’ll have way more room for people to browse!
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