Hi! I’m back. Despite the hiccups Friday night during set-up and the problems with my booth layout, the show turned out to be a major success! I got there super early Saturday morning to finish setting up my display and by 10 am when the show opened everything was in place and ready. It started out a little slow, as many shoppers were taking a looking-only first round and then going back to their favorite booths on the second round. But by 11, my booth was completely packed! People couldn’t get in or out, and there were people in the aisle waiting for an opening. I was on my feet all day, and it was wonderful. :D Sunday was much slower, but they always are.

I got so many compliments and a lot of terrific feedback. The word of the day was “clever”. (Closely followed by “recycling”!) I was suffering a crisis of confidence before the show, so I’m definitely feeling better about that. Mostly I was worried because this has always been a very nice show with great-quality work, and while I definitely make my pieces with exacting attention to quality I was still worried about what the “real” jewelers might have to say about my more inexpensive materials. I’m not too worried anymore. My work is totally different, and it seemed that to a lot of the people shopping that uniqueness was worth more than the means to cast metal and use solder.

I am so thankful to everyone who took the time to come into my booth and look around, whether they bought anything or not! Your interest and friendly words mean the world to me, and are what make me want to keep sharing my work with people. Thank you so much.

I took pictures, but haven’t had a chance to upload them to my computer yet. I’m actually house-sitting for my boyfriend today, since he’s expecting a UPS delivery. I’m re-ordering supplies; some of my booth visitors gave me good ideas about new things to make! I hope to update tomorrow with pictures of my booth and to start photographing new pieces for Etsy, but my schedule for this week is iffy. My dad owns a greenhouse, and we’re supposed to be getting something like a hundred thousand unrooted cuttings tomorrow. So I’ll be down there sticking cuttings for the next few days. Expect pictures of that, too.

I spent my free time on Sunday coming up with topics I’d like to talk about here, so stay tuned for long-awaited NZ travel stories, several opinion polls, and what I hope will become regular weekly sections. This includes Naked Lady Thursdays, where I will start scanning in pages from my sketchbook. I draw a lot of ladies; they’re not always naked or scantily clad, but I’m super shy about my people-drawing, and sharing makes me feel exposed.  Naked, if you will.

And PS! If you ever come up with something you’d like to see me make, just leave a comment. I love new ideas.


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