Sometimes I remember things that I learned in high school that are actually applicable, and I get really excited. Like using Excel and being able to give the cells fancy borders. Or simple equations, like the one I’m about to use to figure out if it would be worth it for me to just include the sales tax in my existing prices to make life easier for everyone*. Engineering friends, do not laugh at me and my simple, naive enjoyment of mathematics.

I’ve been working super hard this week. Yesterday and today were devoted to making some fancier pendants out of watch parts, which involved wire wrapping, which makes me want to kill. My poor little fingertips are so sore! But I’m really happy with what I have done, and I’m looking forward to the show. Set-up is tomorrow night, eek!

Speaking of high school nostalgia, I’ve been rewarding myself with short breaks to play on Neopets. Awww, just like high school; my friends and I use to go to the computer lab every morning before homeroom and play. Until someone figured out that we were enjoying ourselves, and blocked the site from the school computers. I go through phases with it; my longest hiatus was a year, after I finally was able to buy a Cybunny paintbrush and it spontaneously disappeared. Sniffle. But I still like playing the games, and my Neohome has wicked gardens because you can buy herb and veggie plants. I’ve never been so excited about nonexistent plants!

*x + .06n = n, n being the sticker price and x being what I’d actually make. I think I’m going to go for it, I hate making change. The thought of pennies makes me cringe. I am so in love with New Zealand’s coinage system: they did away with pennies and nickels, and prices get rounded to the nearest ten cents. And they have dollar coins! And two dollar coins! *wriggle of delight*

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2 thoughts on “maths

  1. I fully understand how playing silly little games can feel nostalgic. When I was back in high school, I played stupid little games like Njam (a 2D super fast Pac Man) and the flash game N (also known as Ninja). I had a beaten up computer, so I was blessed with these simple little games, while all my friends boasted about the latest games they were conquering. *sigh*

    1. In elementary school we’d occasionally get computer lab time to play educational games. Oregon Trail, Carmen Sandiego, and one where you had to navigate a little helicopter to put out fires that were threatening to burn down the rain forest and kill innocent endangered species that would make pleading noises until you rescued them. Those were simpler times. <3

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