peek: gift tins

I feel like the next few posts will all contain red pandas.

I’ve been planning these for months. I also made round ones, which are already done because cutting a circle with your handy circle cutter is way easier than cutting a weird ambiguous rectangle with rounded corners of indeterminate radius. Radii?

The best approach ended up being the most low-tech. I printed the images a little larger than the tin on glossy sticker paper, then traced the lid onto the back of the paper. Then I sketched new lines about an eighth of an inch inside those lines, and cut out the smaller rectangle with scissors. Worked like a charm. They all have [fairly] even margins of metal along the edges so that the resin can stick to both.

I’m totally stuck on that lace pattern! I’ve used it for the tins, for some experimental pieces of jewelry, for the signs I use at shows, the back of my senior show card…… We go way back, that piece and I. Not that far back; about a year ago, when my professor convinced me to try absorbent ground and I listened because I was desperate and was tired of having my soul crushed and devoured on a weekly basis. That particular piece came out very nicely but I didn’t like working with the ground. I’m going to take another whack at it at some point, but it struck me as being pretty uncontrollable and wasn’t too receptive to taking multiple layers of watercolor. (It looks like lace because it is actually a piece of lace, with watercolors on. The original painting was a mix of cobalt blue and burnt umber, which is magical. Other colors achieved with Photoshop.)


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