Hi! So I’m home. Early, I know. We changed our tickets and came back earlier than planned, and it’s good to be home! I like the idea of traveling but at heart I’m a homebody. Three weeks is not enough to experience all that is NZ, but it’s too much when it’s unseasonably cold and most of your plans have revolved around spending time on the beach. Breakfast (actually, food in general) there is ungodly expensive so we lived on toast. And peanut butter sandwiches. I’ve never been so happy to see ramen in my life.

I’m super keen to get back to work. My boyfriend’s family invited me for Thanksgiving, and we’re leaving tomorrow, but then next weekend is the Winter Craft Market!! I think I’m in good shape but it can never hurt to have more things to sell. I ordered some supplies right before I left, including adjustable rings. Oh boy! Candy heart rings– pretty sweet, ne?

I fully intend to share pictures & stories from my trip here soon. Stay tuned for red pandas, sheep, scenic coastline, killer kitties, bad luck woes, and me as a hobbit!


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