baaa ram ewe....

I am a postcard machiiiiine. Which is impressive, because I like the idea of postcards but when I get to writing them I feel immensely awkward. There’s never enough room to say anything truly meaningful, or relate long stories (unless you write very small, and then you have to put up with elderly relatives complaining about your miniscule handwriting for the next three years).

I sent a batch at the end of our first week in Wellington, and the one I sent to my boyfriend’s parents was of a lamb wearing a jumper (a sweater, to non-Kiwis). I ended up just talking about how few people realize that sheep are fashionistas with discriminating taste in wooly jumpers, especially the city sheep (they’re twice as snobby). I still feel a little ridiculous about it, but I think his mum will probably get a kick out of it. It’s my favorite postcard here, and I’ve sent it to two other people as well, minus the fashion babble.

I’ve watched Miracle on 34th Street every Christmas for as long as I can remember, and it’s left me with this mental image of postal workers examining my mail, reading what I’m telling these people they don’t know, in a place they’ve never heard of. I imagine someone standing there, trying to piece together who I am from accounts of sweatered sheep,attempts to change plane tickets, and claims that I’m waving from that tiny indistinguishable hill in the foreground. And then I accept that probably no one is reading them except my intended recipients, because they probably have machines for that now.

I really love Wellington, which is probably a topic I’ll wax philosophic about at a time when internet access does not cost me $4 for thirty minutes (snobby city sheep are another topic as well!). For now, this entry is more of a postcard message. Short and sweet, telling you very little about what’s actually been going on, and with none of the promised photos because Photoshop stopped working on my laptop, and they’re too massive to upload. We’re in Rotorua today, were in Matamata yesterday for the Hobbiton movie set tour. Before that, Wellington to Masterton to Hastings to Napier to Gisborne, up around the East Cape a ways, to Opotiki, up around the East Cape the other way and back, to here via Tauranga. Whew! If I get a chance I’ll make a little map with my route highlighted, or something else to help you if you have no idea where I’m talking about.


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