go to bed…

I am so tired, and I know I will not be happy with myself in the morning, but I was very put out with myself for not listing a few last-minute things on Etsy, so here I am. Bags packed, just have a little vacuuming left that will get done in the morning (ugh, the morning), a very short to-do list for before we leave, and two new things on Etsy!




I think I might have a rabbit obsession. I really, really love drawing rabbits. Tell you what, I will practice drawing more rabbits on the plane.

If you think this isn’t enough to qualify for obsession, I’ll put up pictures some other time of my darling jackalope print and my “Hare Style” painting.


One thought on “go to bed…

  1. I love this bunny pendant. If I had a girlfriend I would buy it for her. I kind of want to buy it anyways, just so no one else can have it. Argh! Do want! I don’t have a credit card, but if you physically visit me, I will buy it from you.

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