Bunny brainstorm

I’m cleaning my room, trying to get things neat and tidy so that our house-sitter does not think me a massive clutterbug. That’s kind of secondary. Wait, let me start over.

So I bought more fabric today….

Every time I go to Joann Fabrics I can’t help but buy more flannel, and occasionally more soft&fuzzy minky fabric when it’s on sale and if they have nice colors. I’ve had my eye on this gorgeous raspberry stuff that must be the lovechild of a cloud and a marshmallow, and finally caved. I was trying very hard not to amass any more fabric to make into plushes, because I have a sizable stash already. There is a dresser in my bedroom devoted solely to bunny-making fabrics. I have more possible color combos at my fingertips than I have time to make, so I had a great idea tonight.

Custom bunnies! I’ll create an Etsy listing specifying the body color, and then options for all of the flannel colors that go well with that. It’s hardly revolutionary, but I’m hoping that it will be enough to encourage some purchases. I had them with me at all of the art student-y shows I did in Alfred, and I got a lot of compliments (and I do count “Oh my god, did you make this? Really?” as a compliment, especially when multiple people ask it.*) My absolute favorite plush encounter was the Art Bazaar where the girl set up across from me kept coming over to visit her choice bunny, then asked if she could take it back to her booth for a while, and then finally ended up trading me some prints because she just had to have it. It made me really happy that someone loved it so much. ♥

My other favorite was my friend Reed; I had just completed a bunny and several hours later he was at my apartment and asked if he could have it. It was light blue, with blue paisley flannel, and he named it Dr. Bunhattan. In tribute he made me this awesome carved bracket fungus:

Reed, you are pure awesome. To the max!!

I think technically it is the only piece of fan art I have received to date, and it is my most treasured handmade possession.

Hold me!

I added a few business cards to the ones I posted previously, and this is one. :)

*Yes, I made it. I am an art student, and so are you! Why is it so unbelievable that I could have made this fuzzy thing myself?–To which I remind myself that an awful lot of people can’t sew, have no idea how to make a pattern from scratch, and that even people who are craftspeople** can forget that ‘handmade’ does not mean ‘poorly made’. I choose to be flattered that they think it impossible for something like that to not be commercially or mass-produced.

**And I don’t think that craft is a dirty word. It is one of the ideals I clung to, no matter how brutally art school tried to convince me otherwise.


7 thoughts on “Bunny brainstorm

  1. Haha, I pictured you in the store furtively rubbing your face on the fabrics. Ack, I hate it when people use the “Oh my God, really?” line. Like when I was little and they were like “Oh my goodness, eight years old?” Cool down lady, it’s not the paleolithic; most people get to eight eventually.

    Also fan art. Wooo!


    1. Also, it’s way cool that you have a blog now. I kept wanting to comment on your etsy page or something, but I couldn’t find a way to do it. And now I’ll have to keep my blog updated so I don’t look bad. Maybe.

    2. It’s true. I am so touchy feely in fabric stores, but I try to wait until I buy things to rub them on my face. Usually.

      My mom was set up at the mall with a kiosk selling her pottery for a while, and a really old lady looked at some things and then asked, “Where are these made?”
      Mom answered, “I make them.”
      “Ohhh, Jamaica,” the old lady said, and then turned and toddled away.

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