Photo share of epic proportions

Today I decided to focus on making watch-related jewelry, and thought I’d show you what that looks like.

i.e. A MESS


I have boxes for watch movements that still have faces on, ones that don’t, just the faces, the fronts off the fancy cases, the case backs…… It makes it a lot easier in the long run to have everything organized so anal retentively. ps That is my trusty utility knife, which made it through four years of art school without being lost/borrowed/stolen and which only inflicted a minor amount of personal injuries.




Last night’s work, an example of what I can get done in an hour with 10 ml of epoxy resin.  [“What’s with that funny tent and all the glue?” I leave all my resin to set on a little tray table, which doubles as a kitty fort. To keep out dust and insects (which are even less fun to sand out that bits of cat hair) I drape a plastic bag over everything when I’m done, and the glue bottle are tall and prop it up.]


My babies….. For the longest time I thought it would be cool to make reversible pendants. When I finally got around to it I had all sorts of trouble with the resin– these were actually first coated back in April, and probably have about five coats because the resin refused to cure. More about that some other time.


Tonight’s big project: making more watch movement earrings. I have around a dozen pairs made in both dangly and post styles, but they’ve always done well at shows (well. AU Art Bazaars, anyway) so I wanted to make more. The most time-consuming part, next to the resin, is matching them. At first glance they all look similar, but again, my OCD will not allow me to mismatch pairs.


Last night’s other project! I keep accumulating extra parts and thought it was time to do something lovely with them. They remind me of flowers. Also, I was at Michaels today and found some really awesome off-white enameled chain; I used black chain for the ones above, and I might give the white a shot as well.


I looove pencil boxes…. especially adorable Japanese ones. Which reminds me. I really want some sort of nice bag to put my customers’ purchases in at the Winter Craft Market, so I started looking around for things on Etsy. I want something different and fun. My current favorite idea is to use Japanese gift bags, because what is more fun than beady-eyed smiling animals speaking broken English??! :D But I’m not going to because they cost too much for me to buy lots.


What is in my pencil box? Find out next time!


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