new cards?

Spent a very productive hour designing new business cards.


I know the text is a little hard to read, they’re smaller than actual size. Opinions? Any you really like or dislike? Want to see the ones I currently have?

Why so many? you ask. I get my business cards printed through; I don’t know what their postcards are like, but the business cards are super cheap and really nice. They also allow you to print small batches of 20 or 50, whereas a lot of other printers set a minimum of 100. When I first decided to get cards made I decided I wanted to mix and match a bunch of different designs so that if I was including them in packages/orders I could advertise something different from what the person was buying, or to have at craft shows to interest people in checking out other kinds of products in my shop (since most shows only want you to have one medium or type of product on display). So far I don’t know how well it’s working. In person, the downfall is that many people (especially kids…) have a “collect-them-all” type attitude and will root around til they get a bunch that they like. [They do cost money, people!] I handed out around a hundred at my senior show in May but didn’t notice a surge in Etsy views (I didn’t have too much on there though). Eh, it’s an experiment in progress.


3 thoughts on “new cards?

  1. I like the one with the duck. I think he looks like he’s going to go mess somebody up real bad and then produce an amazing/breathtaking work of art, that warms the soul and enlivens ou thoughts. I feel few business cards can relay the person that is Leigh-Ann as well as that crazy duck on that business card.

  2. I like the one with the ducks from the “habitations” series. It is the one I have the print for. I like to look at it and imagine all the ducks’ different little personalities. Like that one who is looking back at the viewer is curious about all the strange featherless creatures looking at her. Also I like the red and black patterned one because it reminds me of Lovecraft with alien larva swimming through space or something.

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