Love in the time of Candy Hearts

A nice lady on Etsy approached me about making candy heart jewelry out of the Twilight-themed candies, so I did. I have so much fun making these– sorting them by color and phrase, and then matching them by legibility and placement of the text. It brings out my OCD, in a good way. I was also pleasantly surprised at how many of the phrases were not applicable only to Twilight, which is fantastic because I’ve never seen red hearts before. There are only four colors; pink and red are normal, and the orange and purple ones are… Sparkly!! I was disappointed that there weren’t any white ones. If you’re going to make sparkly vampire candy, wouldn’t white be so much more fitting?



I started photographing the jewelry on nice older book covers, and so far I’m liking the effect. (And I adore old books.) The book in the bottom set is called Miss Muffet’s Christmas Party. It’s a gorgeous 1902 edition that my mother found at a flea market for two dollars, and I will read you the first page:

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and it was very quiet in Mrs. Muffet’s house, –altogether too quiet, thought little Miss Muffet, as she sat trying to eat her curds and whey. For Mrs. Muffet was a very severe mother and had her own ideas about bringing up children, –and so had Mr. Muffet, only warmed over. One of these was on the necessity of care in the diet of growing children. “First,” said Mrs. Muffet, “we must find out what the children don’t like, and then we must make them eat plenty of it; next to breaking their wills, there is nothing so necessary as breaking their appetites.”

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