I have been busy making a lot of things. My real downfall is that I hate photographing my work; I have an impressive backlog of things that I’ve made that I still haven’t listed on Etsy. So today I forced myself to photograph all of the silhouette pieces I’ve been working on lately.



There’s still a few more; I have to re-take a couple. Slooowly getting them listed, and trying not to worry that I’m only taking one shot of each. When I look at other people’s work on Etsy I respond better to pieces that show multiple views and angles. But I am on a time limit of sorts*, and since I’ve procrastinated so much with getting things up I know I’ll feel better with more things in the shop. I can always add more shots later if I have time. The backs are just plain black, initialed in gel pen. Pretty boring subtle.

Over the weekend my boyfriend and I drove up to New York to visit his family, and during any periods of down time I started working on winter/Christmas themed silhouettes. :D  So that’ll be the next goal! (I’m such a bad guest. I just can’t help it, I always have to be doing something with my hands. Art school cured me of any ability I had to just relax.)

*My mother and I will be traveling for the entire month of November! A few days after we get back we’ll both be set up at the Winter Craft Market (see details in sidebar). So I pretty much have to have everything done before we leave. I’m planning to get as much as I can onto Etsy before then, although I won’t be able to ship orders until I get back, during the first week of December. I’m thinking of offering free shipping as an incentive to buy while I’m gone…
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