Last week I started coating a new batch of jewelry with resin. The process takes a few days, and I made the mistake of saying something like, “I have conquered you, resin!” because I was feeling especially cheerful and victorious. The resin has been biding its time all week, waiting for its chance to prove me wrong.

Last night that chance arose, and I suppose I have to give it some credit for being merciless.  I was too lazy to warm the bottles before I mixed it, so there were some very persistent bubbles. I was coating the backs of some pendants, which consist of hand-drawn silhouettes on watercolor, glued into fancy and not-super-cheap cabochon settings; on most the resin found a tiny crevice where the glue hadn’t sealed the paper to the setting and seeped through, puddling under the front and sticking the whole thing to the wax paper I use to coat my work area. Miserable!! Periodically over the next few hours I had to pick them up and wipe off the excess so that they will hopefully not be ruined.

I love resin, I’ve done some really fun things with it, but when it starts going wrong… Oh man, does it go wrong.


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