Hello, friends… <3

I’m not always so good at introductions, or at making friends. I’m inherently shy and self-conscious about speaking in front of others, especially others that I don’t know. The best friendships I’ve had have always been the ones that just happened, suddenly and inexplicably, when both of us forgot to be awkward and really let ourselves shine.

I am going to write as if we already know each other, and I will treat you as warmly and kindly as if you are one of my dearest friends already, and not a stranger or acquaintance who has bemusedly found themselves here via my Etsy or Facebook, or some unrelated path.  I am going to talk about art. A lot. I will probably post lots of pictures of what I’m working on, and unashamedly urge you to ogle my Etsy page when I’ve got new projects finished. And hopefully, we will both enjoy it! :D

Now I will cheat, and paste in what I put in my bio:

I graduated in May from Alfred University with my BFA. I spent my senior year concentrating in printmaking, especially steelplate etching. Now that I don’t have access to presses and tubs of acid I content myself with making jewelry out of my extra prints and watercolour paintings, sewing really cute fuzzy stuffed animals, baking marvelous cheesecakes, and spending time with my sweet cat and even sweeter boyfriend.

I’m taking time off from school to work and to get excited about art and academia again. When that happens, I’ll be going to grad school for my MFA. In the meantime I’m looking at programs and trying to figure out where to go.

I have a little shop on Etsy, which is not-so-coincidentally also called “junipurr.” I make one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry from my prints and paintings, like I mentioned, and also from watch parts. I don’t do much to the watches, really; they fascinate me, and this is my way of getting to collect and handle them without going into massive debt: by making them available and wearable to others!


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